Katherine Agard is a Trinidadian writer based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I currently work and learn as a peer educator in a mental health context.

My artistic practice is rooted in the natural world and the histories of the technologies that have shaped it and our understanding of it, in ways that I am still learning to materially express. My institutional education (as well as my dissatisfaction with it) in painting and abstraction, as well as film and ethnography undergirds my production and my questions. My education amongst my peers is deep, broad, ongoing and generative.

I am currently writing prose about what I know about madness and love, how people and nature shift, distort and organize themselves through trauma, grief and violence. I was supported by the Kimbilio Mentorship Project in 2022 to complete a book of fiction.

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Please get in touch with me directly through km@kaa.fyi or through Essay Press.

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